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- Quantity : 5 Sheets(each 24pcs)
- Material: Adhesive Tape
- Material: Adhesive Tape
- Size app :8.5x7cm (Conversion: 1cm=0.39inch)

How to use:
- Select a sticker which fits the false nail tip.
- Take the sticker out and place it to the false nail tip.
- Gently press the sticker to ensure no bubble or gap between the sticker and the false nail tip.

- Remove the protection sheet from the sticker.
- Place the false nail tip to your finger
- Press the false nail tip toward your finger with pressure for 5 seconds.

To remove, soap your finger(s) in warm water, gently move the false nail tip away from your finger.

Package Content:
1 X 5 Sheets (each 24pcs)